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Life of a Wave Series

rolling wave

Rolling Waves

I will have on display for the first time a series of waves at Framers Gallery in Brecksville, OH.

The waves were created comparing life and waves. A poem that I wrote accompanies the paintings. It’s the first time I have written my thoughts with my paintings. It will give you an idea of how an artist creates paintings and what they are thinking of in the process.

Let your mind roll with the waves.

Framer Gallery will have the waves on display the month of April. They are located in the Brecksville Shopping Center.

Phone: 440.526.9262

What happens in the Tropics, Stays in the Tropics

Below the surface of the water

Calming Waves


Frosted with White Foam


The Depth Of The Life Of A Wave

Waves are like life, overflowing with consequences.

From birth, growing, swelling, gathering, taking on life’s trails.

Then weakening, disappearing leaving life’s fragments behind.

Waves can be drowning, like life, threatening.

Sometimes warm, sometimes wickedly cold.

Refreshing. Monotonous. Empowering. Unpredictable.

Colors of blue blendings of green:  Frosted with white foam.

Painting the effects of life on our soul.


Frightening and unfriendly-

Grasping, pushing, pulling, surrounding you.

The rolling surf is bubbly and frothy.


Mysteriously embracing life’s past events.

It’s a journey, always moving forward and backward.


Forever changing –

Like life, we cautiously enter the water.

The peaceful motion of the water returns to its birth.

The wave of life ………………..

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Home Sweet Home





Some new abstracts for perusal