Carriage House

The weather was wonderful this week at Put-n-Bay.  Artists were invited to come up and paint for the week.  We were wined and dined by the Blue Cottage Gallery of Put -n -Bay.   I had the opportunity to paint a carriage house and it was sold to the owner of Ashley’s Bed and Breakfast.  One of my smaller paintings were auctioned off at the  party at the Gallery.  I met a lot of wonderful people and would suggest to anyone going up to Put-n-Bay for the weekend to stay at Ashley’s Bed and Breakfast for a comfortable time and visit the Blue Cottage Gallery for some creative works of art.

Actual painting of carriage house - "Warm and Friendly"

Apple Orchard

Chocolate Cafe

Boat in the Bay

Pots at the gallery

Back home on the boat after a marathon painting week with artist Nicki Lanzi

The Goat at Put -n-Bay is the place to eat and paint