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Acrylic beginners classes: 

Aug. 2-5 – Monday thru Thursday

Time:  10-noon

Location: Blossom Hill,   Oakes Rd., Bldg 7, Room 7

Fee:  $70 ( 4 / 2 hr. classes)

Call to register – Stephanie Sibits 440.526.4629

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

Dancing shadows- Abstract representational

Umbrella across the lake

Dancing shadows

Fun in the sun

I had a great time in Cuyahoga Falls this weekend for their plein air competition.  It was a little hot.  Correction,  a lot hot this weekend.  But all came out painting and with such great artwork.  What a great group of painters.  I have added my paintings to this blog.  Remember it is a great challenge to paint outside and deal with the elements.

Elaines books

Julies escape
Kersten’s Chair

Tammy's no fuss garden

Ryan's puppy

Ava's sunshine

Becky's window

Megan's yellow stool

 These wonderful paintings were done my precious students.  They have taken a giant leap with painting their individual paintings.  I am so proud of them.  Their compositions are strong for only painting a short time.  Their use of color is very exciting.



Walk in the sun- SOLD

Summer Daisies

Strength among the masses

It was a great time, a little warm at times,  some sprinkle of rain, but it was all good.

Strength of age


Roses against the fence

A day at the beach


X Large Commission piece – size:  5 ‘ x 3’

I painted this painting in my backyard a day before the storm.  The storm just destroyed everything.  But I have my garden on canvas.

Nothing lasts forever

Outside Looking In

This is a plein aire painting looking at my porch with a reflection of the yard behind me in the window in front of me.