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Artists at Put-n-Bay Lake Erie

Carriage House

The weather was wonderful this week at Put-n-Bay.  Artists were invited to come up and paint for the week.  We were wined and dined by the Blue Cottage Gallery of Put -n -Bay.   I had the opportunity to paint a carriage house and it was sold to the owner of Ashley’s Bed and Breakfast.  One of my smaller paintings were auctioned off at the  party at the Gallery.  I met a lot of wonderful people and would suggest to anyone going up to Put-n-Bay for the weekend to stay at Ashley’s Bed and Breakfast for a comfortable time and visit the Blue Cottage Gallery for some creative works of art.

Actual painting of carriage house - "Warm and Friendly"

Apple Orchard

Chocolate Cafe

Boat in the Bay

Pots at the gallery

Back home on the boat after a marathon painting week with artist Nicki Lanzi

The Goat at Put -n-Bay is the place to eat and paint

Recent paintings

11 x 14 desk ornament

11 x 14 table friends

orange berries


doodle do

chimney high

Friday nite at the Bookstore


Painted at Whiskey Island Saturday and Sunday.  What a beautiful place.  The weather was beautiful and I painted 3 paintings.  Acrylics don’t work well outside in the weather.

Sky Life SOLD

Whiskey Island photos

Gold coast from whiskey island

Skyline of Cleveland from Cuyahoga River

Someone partying too hard the nite before

Someone having fun at the beach

Abstract classes:  Sept. 16, 23, 30, Thurs. 10-noon, fee $70  at Blossom Hill , contact Brecksville Center for the Arts 440.526.6232.  There has been a change in the dates.  There will still be 4 classes, but the last class has not been scheduled yet.  In this class we will only paint 3 canvases.  It would be nice if you had unusual sizes of canvas and a bit larger, over 16 x 20.  We will take 2 classes to finish 1 canvas.

 A little bit about abstracts:  There is no right way or wrong way to create an abstract.  It’s all subjective.  Your art will be meaningful and expressive as anyone else’s regardless of technical skill or experience.

We will approach an abstract in different ways to help you loosen-up and express yourself.  

Acrylic Beginners classes: 

Mornings 10am -no0n, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28 at Blossom Hill , fee  $70

Evenings 7pm -9,            Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28 at Blossom Hill, fee  $70

Call Brecksville Center for the Arts for details.  440.526.6232.

1st Place winner in the Independence Art Show this weekend

I’ll be painting up at Whiskey Island on Lake Erie this weekend in plein aire (Sat. and Sun, 10 am – 5pm).  The event is Color Me Cleveland.  Several artists will be situated throughout the Cleveland area.

I plan on beautiful weather , relaxing and painting .

One painting will be donated for auction to Artists Archives of the Western Reserve.  AAWR is an organization dedicated to preserving the art and art history of Ohio and its artists.

Paintings up for auction will be displayed at AAWR on E. 123 st.  on August 16 thru Aug. 20.  The auction and gala event will be at AAWR on Saturday, Aug. 21.

More Koi

Koi in blue green water

View by the Lighthouse

Marblehead View by the Lighthouse


Spent the weekend in Marblehead.  Relaxed and painted.

Alone by a tree on the Lake


Sails on the Lake

Home Sweet Home Series


Warm summer morn



New paintings


Relax, get cozy
Sailing away




Fresh Flowers





  Abstract is odd size:  8″ x 48″  

Great for that smaller wall space.