10460507_10202666476718232_3363523818528319661_n (1)The Magic of Stephanie – Painting from within – Let it out Call it what you will. I call it a “spell”; it’s a creative spell to always see things differently. I am different. My talent has haunted me from when I was a small child. My passion for creativity has become a part of my life in everything I do. I paint in a spirited manner from within. Expressing myself is something I am compelled to do. It’s part of my being. I have studied art my entire life from numerous instructors and have taken that knowledge and formed my own style of painting.Currently, I take pleasure in teaching after school art classes through Brecksville Center of the Arts at Hilton, Highland, Chippewa and Central Schools (grades 1-5). You can apply creativity to everyday life and numerous careers not only in the art field. This class prepares children for the future by expressing themselves with confidence.When I was a young child, a teacher saw my natural talent in art and encouraged me to pursue it. She followed me through high school making sure I practiced my gift and here I am today. I hope I have the same influence on my students.

My adult students come with a variety of talent and education. I encourage them to get back to basics and become a child again. Paint from within and let it out onto your canvas. Relax and have a good time. Don’t stress over the white surface. After all, it’s only canvas. If you learn to enjoy the painting experience, your mind will take you places you’ve never been.  Acrylic is my preferred medium. My canvases are a multitude of subject matter. My innate sense of style leads me to paint in a dramatic, but spirited manner. I continue to develop my ideas and magically come up with fresh ideas: I am surrounded by inspiration.

Please, enjoy my paintings. 

Here Comes Santa Claus