Fall classes Acrylic beginners 2010 


It’s easy to paint when it flows from inside you

Fun class, no pressure atmosphere

Beginner’s acrylic class for serious artists – adult and youth. We will be striving for a finished painting with your own creativity applied. I will stress composition and color while you are getting a feel for the texture and the magical quality of acrylics.

We finish a painting in 2 hours. You’d be surprised what you can do.

4/ 2 hr. classes

Session I Registration deadline : Oct. 1

Oct. 7 – Oct. 28 thurs. 10am – noon Location:  Blossom Hill rm. 17

Fee $70

Session II Registration deadline:  Oct. 1

Oct. 7- 28  thurs. 7 pm – 9   Location Blossom Hill Rm. 17

Fee $70

Instructor: Stephanie Sibits

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call  440.526.4629

 Supplies needed: You must have all supplies

Acrylic paint, at least 8 colors, (blue, red, red-orange, yellow, white, green, orange, purple) 3oz. Tubes are a good size – bring more colors if you have them. Pat Catans sells a 16 color set for about $20. Liquitex or basics are good brands. Don’t buy the tiny tubes. If you have the liquid acrylic craft paints, I use them, too.

Palette for paint. You can use a flat food container with a lid.

4-stretched canvas (size: 16 x 20) Bring only 1 canvas to each class. You can use canvas boards

Table easel

Small water bucket

Rag for clean-up and wiping brushes

2 large flat brushes ½ ½ ½ 1/2″ ¾ ¾3/4 “ wide

Hair dryer

Spray bottle

Plastic Table cover or newspaper

Wear old clothes

Bring creative self

To register call Brecksville Center for the Arts. (440.526.6232)

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